Industrial tour the province in the center of business technology Markazi

Managing Director of Industrial Estates in the province with reference to the tours Industrial said net industrial central province with the participation of some of the companies Engineering at the center of business Hamadan, academics and 15 member companies subset Science and Technology Park was held. K revolving said: The purpose of this program is to familiarize participants with the activities of the business center Vkararak visiting the industrial units was successful not only Brartqay industrial units Tvandzmynh level of cooperation between the companies to provide. Industrial Estates managing director in Hamedan tours exchange of information and transfer of experience in the industry as the best way to progress is promotion and industrial production units and said the one-day tour to Arak brokers industrial companies EMC and good experience, particularly that gained in business In this regard, it was decided that the central province Vhmdan good closer cooperation in the implementation of projects to benefit from each others strengths and abilities. He noted: The industrial tour of industrial units outstanding power Industrial Park Lajvar KHEYRABAD and manufacturer of heavy-duty and light in the town of Haji Abad visited.
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