Managing Director of Industrial Estates in the province said, according to the Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization of the initial agreement with Iran Insurance, the insurance will come to help small industries. The Public Relations Industrial Estates province, K. Rotary Day news conference to support small industries reporters said that small industries account for 92 percent of the country's industry, said that the number of personnel in units of less than 50 people , small industries are part of the family. He pointed out that 45 percent of employment is the result of small industries, said that 17 percent of the value added of industry and small industries constitute 10% of the country's export industry. President Shrktshhrkhay province with special emphasis on the supreme leaders insisted on the importance of direct and support of small industries have continued to do so all their efforts to achieve the noble intentions of His Holiness established the good actions bring to fruition . Battalion pointed out that the government devise a special look and hope to small industries, said already allocated 10 billion dollars by the central facilities for small industries will follow. Stating that due to fear of how to repay bank loans by small industries, the facilities available to this sector are difficult, said investment in the field of small industries by providing easy access to the guarantee fund and the minimum greatly relieved the warranties issued for small industries. CEO of settlements emphasized: Bank of Industry and Mine small industries by providing assistance for the protection of small industries. Battalion pointed out that the necessary steps needed to create jobs with a minimum follow-up of 22 months, the government has continued, we have sought to resolve the concerns of jobseekers in the country. He expressed that the financing of existing units, support for development projects, reconstruction and modernization of machines of the major goals of the settlements in the financing, said after the targeted subsidies are a significant part of the industry due to energy price changes and the excessive use machines have been damaged.